Things I Love and Things I Don’t

I have just re-read my post titled A beginning and I really don’t like how it sounds like a poor me pity party. I try to be honest, but I think I just come across as wanting sympathy. that is not true at all. I just want people to be aware that Fibro is real, mental health issues are real, and those of that suffer just want to be treated as normally as we can be. I don’t need or want pity, I need support.

I adore the fact that my family has taken my illness in stride. My kids, who I don’t see nearly as much as I’d like to due to distance, never bat an eye when I need my wheelchair. They simply step behind me and start pushing, sometimes making car noises while pusing me around the store. My husband didn’t bat an eye when he had to take over most of the cooking and cleaning on top of a full time job. My best friend, on the rare occasion I am in public, simply pushes me to a quiet corner, stands between me and the rest of the people and calmly talks to me when I am panicing. I would be lost without these people and their unwavering support.

I also noticed in my first post that I failed to explain agorophobia. It simply is a social anxiety disorder…an extreme fear of other people, public places, that kind of thing. At one point, I was afraid to move around my own home and simply remained in the living room for about 6 weeks.

There I go being Debbie Downer again. Dangnabit!

I like that I am able to not only share my experience and interace with others in an environment that does not send me into a panic attack.

I like that I am able to laugh at myself.

Finally, I like chicken, but only without bones. I can’t eat chicken if it has a bone. It’s gross. LOL


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