How was your summer?

My summer has been a whirlwind for sure! We’ll start in June with my vacation. It was my grandson Zayden’s first birthday! So my husband and I packed up the car,  drove 1000 miles north and had a vacation and a birthday party.  We had a grand time with all 3 grandbabies, as well as visiting family and friends, and pretending to be tourists in my hometown.

Me and my Grandma 2013
Me and my Grandma 2013

About 3 weeks after we got back home, I got word my Grandma had a stroke and wouldn’t make it. How quick can you make it here? Sooo…my bestie (I would be absolutely lost without this woman) and I once again packed up my car and drove 1000 miles north hoping to make it in time to say goodbye to one of the greatest people I have ever known. Grandma held on for about another week and a half and we were all grateful for that little bit of time. The hospital staff were a bit unsure what to do with all of us but were always gracious and caring. See on my Mom’s side we are a pretty large family.  Grandma had 6 kids, one of which is my Mom. Starting with my generation the count increases a lot. Including the grandkids, great grands, and great- great grands there are 44 of us! It was a pretty crappy reason but I did enjoy seeing everyone. While we were there, my bestie got word that her Aunt in Law had passed as well. We extended our trip a week, she took my car and headed east (about 200 miles) to meet her husband and kids for that funeral.

Now while we are there to bury my Grandmother, there is also a huge gathering of motorcyclists! My grandmother passed during the 75th annual Sturgis Rally! Let me tell you getting a funeral procession through Rally traffic was interesting! Sturgis is just a small farm community, but Rally adds roughly 1 million bikers for a week every year. It was very difficult to be there for that reason, and still part of me wanted to go downtown and enjoy the sights of Rally, and the concerts.

We did make it back home again eventually, all in one piece even!

My Uncle 2012
My Uncle 2012

So while I am trying to grieve my Grandma, I get a phone call from my Mom about a month later. Not good news again. My Uncle, her brother, was looking at hospice care for the cancer his anti-rejection drugs (for his kidney replacement) had caused. He passed about a week ago. As much as I might like to,  I will not be able to go back up for this funeral. My thoughts are with the family, but my body, and my budget just will not take another 1000  mile trip north.

Meanwhile, when I called my Dad to let him know about my Uncle passing, I found out my other Grandma, his Mom had a stroke, and her kidneys are failing. My older brother has a terminal diagnosis, Dad’s dialysis is not working as good as hoped, and his brother has been diagnosed with dementia.  I feel like we are just getting hit from all sides right now.

Now yesterday I had my own doctor’s appointments.  My Rheumatologist is referring me to a Neurologist and to Occupational Therapy as well as a new painkiller.  My General Practitioner is putting me 2 different prescription allergy meds, is looking forward to what the neurologist has to say, and is sending me to a foot doctor. He also asked about how often I have my eyes checked and suggested at least yearly. Since it has been closer to 2 years now I guess I should make an appointment with my eye doctor as well. My rheumy is also hinting to me about a prescription for medical marijuana (it becomes legal on Jan 1 in his state). I am not sure what I think about that. On one hand it would be nice to have a break from the pain, on the other hand one of my kids is a drug addict and I would feel like a serious hypocrite if I agree to that.

The light fixture in my kitchen, the only source of light in there after sundown, has died and needs replaced as well. Do you have any idea how much fun it is to try to make coffee in total darkness, with one hand and a flashlight? I am right-handed, but my right hand has been seriously giving me fits lately, thus the referral to a neurologist. So not only is it dark in my kitchen when I wake up, I have only my non dominant hand to work with to try to manage a flashlight and the coffee pot.  I am totally useless without my coffee. At this point I am just grateful that I haven’t broken the pot, LOL. My husband has promised to replace the fixture after work today though. I just hope the sunlight holds out long enough to get it done as there is only one window.

On a totally unrelated note…Did you know that the fact that I do not have a driver’s license because I cannot pass the vision test even with my glasses, require help with simple daily tasks like pushing my wheelchair, and have no way to get there does not exempt me from jury duty? Nor does it mean the district courts will provide assistance. I got a letter basically saying I’m sorry we can’t provide the accommodations you need, but you still  have to show up! JOYFUL!

My depression is hitting me pretty hard right now with everything going on in my family, but I am doing the best I can to stay upbeat and find laughs where I can.

On a positive note, I am still breathing, I have a fantastic and supportive husband of 20 years, a loving family, and the best bestie a girl could ask for. And Coffee…

How was your summer?