This last month…

has been seriously…ummmm….interesting, I guess is a good word for it.   Busy certainly fits, painful, exciting, fun, loud….I could continue, but instead will just let you know what all happened.

First, I am back in both Physical and Occupational Therapy.  I used to have a splint for my right hand for overnight, and a brace called an Ankle Foot Orthotic (AFO) for my right foot.  Both of them died recently, which is one reason my doctors put me back in PT and OT. The other reason is that physically, I was backsliding. Things I could do before were getting harder or became impossible.

The first thing my therapists did was to order a new splint and AFO for me. I should have them in a couple days thank goodness! Without the splint my right hand will ball up into a fist and refuse to move at all. Using the splint overnight, I have some days where I have almost normal use of my right hand. Which is super handy considering I am right handed, lol.

So, now I have my twice a week torture sessions again, and in the middle of all that it was time for my annual vacation. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned it somewhere, but just in case, my hometown is Sturgis, SD. Home of the world’s Largest Motorcycle Rally. All of my family still lives there (including my in-laws) so every year we head that way for Rally and to visit everyone. I hate that I only see my grandkids once a year, but being so far away there is not much I can do about that. 😦

In a bit of a coincidence, my OT was going to Rally as well this year which worked out perfectly for me! See my husband’s birthday is rally week and I always let him pick a band (tons of concerts to be found that week!) and I make all the arrangements including tickets and a designated driver for us as his birthday present. My OT was our DD this year to Five Finger Death Punch! He even managed to get us front row with my wheelchair!  It was an amazing show! Since my eyesight and mobility is so rough I appreciated being so close to the stage, and everyone around us (most of them complete strangers) made sure to keep an eye on me so I wasn’t jostled to much.  One gentleman directly behind us parked his bike sideways behind my wheelchair, sent his buddy after a tarp and attached one end to his bike and the other end over my head to the fence when rain threatened! I never did learn his name, but he was a great help with the others in the crowd that maybe didn’t see me.

After we got back from vacation I began the process of some much needed dental work. I had one tooth pulled right before we left because of an abscess, but need more work. It has been determined that I need dentures. Nearly 30 years of being a heavy smoker has really done a number on both my teeth and my jawbone. I have 6 teeth on the bottom that we are going to TRY to save, even if I only get a few more years out of them, it’s better than nothing. So a few days ago I had 5 molars pulled to begin the process. I will end up with a complete upper plate and partial lower plate.

My husband is a saint, and has been trying very hard to take care of me since the teeth came out. turns out I am still a terrible patient. Some things we are just used to me not being able to do, some things we are used to me doing with help. I have been so tired, swollen, and sore in the face that I can barely open my mouth let alone do anything else. He has been trying very hard to make sure there is things I can eat readily available, and that I am getting enough. He is always asking if I need anything, or can he do anything to help? Needless to say, I always have fresh ice water, and an ice pack handy at all times. I still suck at asking for help, even after all these years of being disabled, but I do appreciate everything he does! I can’t say I am looking forward to having more teeth pulled, but  I guess I am looking forward to having it finished lol.

Just as a side note…vomiting a few hours after having teeth pulled is NOT recommended. That shit HURT!

Hope all is well n your world!


Still Going

Here we are in July, and I am still a non smoker! Go Me! Feb 17 til July 2, That makes it 4 1/2 months! So far this summer it has been fairly quiet for me (makes it easier to stay not smoking) but I have a couple things ahead.

My husband and I replaced all the windows in our house about 6 weeks ago, and so far I absolutely love the new ones! The windows we had were from about the 60’s or so and were really drafty. They let in a lot of dust and sand so keeping things clean was a constant battle. The new ones are much better! Also, my husband promised me that as soon as the windows are paid off (BOO payments) that we could replace the siding too.  He also helped me plant a bunch of bulb style flowers in the front yard. Lots of Gladiolas, Tulips, Lilies, a few Renunculus, and a Hollyhock bed as well as a couple daisies in a container! It won’t take long and my house will look great!

As far as my doctors go, there is a bit of news but not much. My PCProvider said that all the MRI showed was a cyst in my sinuses. I’ll have to see a specialist for that, but put it off until this fall. The other thing I put off til fall is the referral to either Dallas or Salt Lake City, i.e. the Mayo Clinic. He is stumped about what ever is going on with me and hopes at one of the bigger places they will have better luck diagnosing me. My rheumy still wants me in Occupational Therapy, and with a splint for my right hand. I have an appointment with a local doctor to get that ball rolling next week. My rheumy (and my PCP) can’t just order it because he is across state lines. They are both 2 hours away (3 if you count the time zone change) in Lubbock, Tx I live 20 minutes into New Mexico. That is too far to travel 3 times a week for OT. I need someone local to make the order so I can just find a ride across town instead.

Before that happens though, I have a couple of things I want to get done. I have a 4th grandbaby coming in October and I want to get a couple things made for him/her. My 21st anniversary is in a couple of weeks (July 22) and our annual trip home is coming up in August for the Sturgis Rally and to see family/ friends in the area. I refuse to give up my vacation for a trip to Dallas to see yet another doctor. I only get to see my kids and grandkids once a year, this is it.

Hope your summer is a good one! Stay safe and have fun!



I’m Proud…

of myself. In the last while (since my last post) I have been a bit busy.

I think in my last post I was talking about going to see a plastic surgeon for a possible breast reduction. Well I talked to him, and the good news is that he is willing to take me from a DDD to a C cup!  The even better news is that I quit smoking!  Doc wouldn’t do the surgery unless I have been nicotine free for AT LEAST 30 days. So I quit, from a pack and a half a day, to cold turkey none at all. That was about 8 weeks ago, so I’m pretty confident about being a non smoker now, YAY!

The bad news is that my insurance company won’t cover it,  so no surgery for me. Plus in the process of becoming a non smoker, M&M’s were my saving grace, and my biggest downfall. I gained 15 pounds. And a cup size. And 2 dress sizes. BOO! So now instead of an US size 12-14 DDD cup, I am affectionately  known among friends as Busty McBoobs-A-Lot, and am an US size 18-20 G cup. I now have to special order bras online, and hope they fit.

I have also had a chest x-ray to see WTH is going on in my lungs. No word yet on that, so I assume all is well. My Doc will call with bad news, and mail a report if all is well. I suspect the COPD is worsening, I smoked pretty heavily for almost 30 years, it is kind of expected. He also ordered me a rescue inhaler, and a daily inhaled medicine. They are helping for sure. Which is good, I sort of like breathing. Most days.

We also have official proof I do actually have a brain! I had an MRI of  my head this morning. We have ruled out any nerve problems as the cause of my right hand clamping up and other problems in my right side so are looking at neurological now (again). Doc said tho, if this shows nothing that I should consider going to the Mayo Clinic or something similar because he is out of ideas.

Peace and Love to All!


I have a whole new level of respect…

for everyone with ADD, ADHD, and their teachers/mentors! I am (almost) 48 hours into my journey as a non-smoker and I feel like a toddler on crack! ( I do not approve of drugs at all, and especially not giving them to toddlers!) I cannot seem to concentrate on anything for more than a second or two. If this is what ADD feels like, I have no idea how anything ever gets accomplished! I was halfway through putting my shoes on this morning and got up to let the dog out, make a cup of coffee, and feed the cats. After I got the other shoe on, I remembered to let the dog in, drink the coffee, and make sure the cat had water.

I am also crabby as hell, which is not helping things any, as my husband is quitting as well. He at least gets some help with e-cigs. I had to quit cold turkey. No major fights about nothing, yet. I suspect it is just a matter of time though. I think it may be helping that we have each retreated to our own separate corners though. He has the desktop, I have my laptop and we each are doing our own thing.

My plastic surgeon is willing to take me from a 36 G cup down to a 36 C cup bra, but only AFTER I have been nicotine free for AT LEAST 30 days.  Since that is roughly how long we have to wait for insurance approval, I don’t have a choice about just quitting now cold turkey. I want this done as quickly as possible.  Garden season is coming!

Forgive me for the next few weeks if I sound like the ULTIMATE Bitch. I am hoping I will be able to concentrate soon, though. And sleep. sleep would be nice. And breathe, I like to breathe.  And maybe eat something other candy and sweets. I liked a good salad last week, today not so much. And it would be really nice if my sniffer worked right. The ham I had in the oven for dinner smelled WAY to much like the hamburgers we had last night crossed with rotten vegetables. GROSS!

Have Fun Out There!  In the meantime, I will attempt to maintain both my sanity and my new status as a non smoker. After 30 years as a smoker, I am pretty sure the sanity is gonna go but I can try to keep hold of it, right?


Just a quick update

I have the appointment made with the plastic surgeon for an initial consultation on a breast reduction surgery. The appt. is for next week, but for some reason I am really nervous about this.

I really want this surgery (Hoping my insurance covers it!) and am looking forward to having it done and being healed. I cannot figure out what has me so nervous, but I am. Maybe it is simply my agoraphobia. This will be a new doctor in a new place, always a stressor for me.  I will be back with more after I see the doctor, and hopefully with insurance approval.

Good luck to y’all in your daily life, and all other endeavors!


My Newest Adventure

I absolutely abhor my yearly gynecologic visits. Most women do, I think. Unfortunately it was this last Thursday.  While all is well there, we did have a short discussion that I thought I would share with y’all.

As a woman gets older, it is common for her doctor to start estrogen replacement medication(s). Mine started a few years ago. Now when I started taking estrogen, I was told I may experience “a little swelling” in my breasts. I was fairly large busted to begin with (D cup) so I was really hoping this phenomenon would miss me.

Just my luck it did not. I am now 3 cup sizes larger (G cup) and all that extra weight on my chest is causing pain in my back, shoulders, and neck, as well as making it difficult to sleep, and causing posture problems.

My doctor and I discussed a breast reduction. She recommended a plastic surgeon for a consultation, and suggested that he may be able to get my insurance to cover the costs. I am nervous about the whole process and not looking forward to surgery, but I would be thrilled to be able to roll over in my sleep without worrying about a boob getting smooshed. (That hurts!) I would love to go to a store and buy a bra. (Special ordering bras sucks!) I would love to be able to buy a top that fits properly everywhere instead of having to get one 2 sizes too big just so it  fit over my boobs.

I know I am not the only person around with extra large breasts, or that may be considering a reduction for another reason so I thought it couldn’t hurt to chronicle my journey in this area here for any who may be interested. I will be back with more after I see the plastic surgeon. So far I have been to chicken to call him but I will have it done by the end of next week.

In other news, my rheumatologist has decided to send me to a neurologist. so we’ll see how that goes as well. The last time I saw a neuro he basically said I don’t have MS, and sent me on my way. I don’t hold out much hope with this one either, but maybe he’ll be the one to figure this out. Maybe he won’t get frustrated and just give up like the rest of the many specialists I have been sent to seem to have done.

Wish me luck!