I have a whole new level of respect…

for everyone with ADD, ADHD, and their teachers/mentors! I am (almost) 48 hours into my journey as a non-smoker and I feel like a toddler on crack! ( I do not approve of drugs at all, and especially not giving them to toddlers!) I cannot seem to concentrate on anything for more than a second or two. If this is what ADD feels like, I have no idea how anything ever gets accomplished! I was halfway through putting my shoes on this morning and got up to let the dog out, make a cup of coffee, and feed the cats. After I got the other shoe on, I remembered to let the dog in, drink the coffee, and make sure the cat had water.

I am also crabby as hell, which is not helping things any, as my husband is quitting as well. He at least gets some help with e-cigs. I had to quit cold turkey. No major fights about nothing, yet. I suspect it is just a matter of time though. I think it may be helping that we have each retreated to our own separate corners though. He has the desktop, I have my laptop and we each are doing our own thing.

My plastic surgeon is willing to take me from a 36 G cup down to a 36 C cup bra, but only AFTER I have been nicotine free for AT LEAST 30 days.  Since that is roughly how long we have to wait for insurance approval, I don’t have a choice about just quitting now cold turkey. I want this done as quickly as possible.  Garden season is coming!

Forgive me for the next few weeks if I sound like the ULTIMATE Bitch. I am hoping I will be able to concentrate soon, though. And sleep. sleep would be nice. And breathe, I like to breathe.  And maybe eat something other candy and sweets. I liked a good salad last week, today not so much. And it would be really nice if my sniffer worked right. The ham I had in the oven for dinner smelled WAY to much like the hamburgers we had last night crossed with rotten vegetables. GROSS!

Have Fun Out There!  In the meantime, I will attempt to maintain both my sanity and my new status as a non smoker. After 30 years as a smoker, I am pretty sure the sanity is gonna go but I can try to keep hold of it, right?


Just a quick update

I have the appointment made with the plastic surgeon for an initial consultation on a breast reduction surgery. The appt. is for next week, but for some reason I am really nervous about this.

I really want this surgery (Hoping my insurance covers it!) and am looking forward to having it done and being healed. I cannot figure out what has me so nervous, but I am. Maybe it is simply my agoraphobia. This will be a new doctor in a new place, always a stressor for me.  I will be back with more after I see the doctor, and hopefully with insurance approval.

Good luck to y’all in your daily life, and all other endeavors!