I’m Proud…

of myself. In the last while (since my last post) I have been a bit busy.

I think in my last post I was talking about going to see a plastic surgeon for a possible breast reduction. Well I talked to him, and the good news is that he is willing to take me from a DDD to a C cup!  The even better news is that I quit smoking!  Doc wouldn’t do the surgery unless I have been nicotine free for AT LEAST 30 days. So I quit, from a pack and a half a day, to cold turkey none at all. That was about 8 weeks ago, so I’m pretty confident about being a non smoker now, YAY!

The bad news is that my insurance company won’t cover it,  so no surgery for me. Plus in the process of becoming a non smoker, M&M’s were my saving grace, and my biggest downfall. I gained 15 pounds. And a cup size. And 2 dress sizes. BOO! So now instead of an US size 12-14 DDD cup, I am affectionately  known among friends as Busty McBoobs-A-Lot, and am an US size 18-20 G cup. I now have to special order bras online, and hope they fit.

I have also had a chest x-ray to see WTH is going on in my lungs. No word yet on that, so I assume all is well. My Doc will call with bad news, and mail a report if all is well. I suspect the COPD is worsening, I smoked pretty heavily for almost 30 years, it is kind of expected. He also ordered me a rescue inhaler, and a daily inhaled medicine. They are helping for sure. Which is good, I sort of like breathing. Most days.

We also have official proof I do actually have a brain! I had an MRI of  my head this morning. We have ruled out any nerve problems as the cause of my right hand clamping up and other problems in my right side so are looking at neurological now (again). Doc said tho, if this shows nothing that I should consider going to the Mayo Clinic or something similar because he is out of ideas.

Peace and Love to All!



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