Still Going

Here we are in July, and I am still a non smoker! Go Me! Feb 17 til July 2, That makes it 4 1/2 months! So far this summer it has been fairly quiet for me (makes it easier to stay not smoking) but I have a couple things ahead.

My husband and I replaced all the windows in our house about 6 weeks ago, and so far I absolutely love the new ones! The windows we had were from about the 60’s or so and were really drafty. They let in a lot of dust and sand so keeping things clean was a constant battle. The new ones are much better! Also, my husband promised me that as soon as the windows are paid off (BOO payments) that we could replace the siding too.  He also helped me plant a bunch of bulb style flowers in the front yard. Lots of Gladiolas, Tulips, Lilies, a few Renunculus, and a Hollyhock bed as well as a couple daisies in a container! It won’t take long and my house will look great!

As far as my doctors go, there is a bit of news but not much. My PCProvider said that all the MRI showed was a cyst in my sinuses. I’ll have to see a specialist for that, but put it off until this fall. The other thing I put off til fall is the referral to either Dallas or Salt Lake City, i.e. the Mayo Clinic. He is stumped about what ever is going on with me and hopes at one of the bigger places they will have better luck diagnosing me. My rheumy still wants me in Occupational Therapy, and with a splint for my right hand. I have an appointment with a local doctor to get that ball rolling next week. My rheumy (and my PCP) can’t just order it because he is across state lines. They are both 2 hours away (3 if you count the time zone change) in Lubbock, Tx I live 20 minutes into New Mexico. That is too far to travel 3 times a week for OT. I need someone local to make the order so I can just find a ride across town instead.

Before that happens though, I have a couple of things I want to get done. I have a 4th grandbaby coming in October and I want to get a couple things made for him/her. My 21st anniversary is in a couple of weeks (July 22) and our annual trip home is coming up in August for the Sturgis Rally and to see family/ friends in the area. I refuse to give up my vacation for a trip to Dallas to see yet another doctor. I only get to see my kids and grandkids once a year, this is it.

Hope your summer is a good one! Stay safe and have fun!