This last month…

has been seriously…ummmm….interesting, I guess is a good word for it.   Busy certainly fits, painful, exciting, fun, loud….I could continue, but instead will just let you know what all happened.

First, I am back in both Physical and Occupational Therapy.  I used to have a splint for my right hand for overnight, and a brace called an Ankle Foot Orthotic (AFO) for my right foot.  Both of them died recently, which is one reason my doctors put me back in PT and OT. The other reason is that physically, I was backsliding. Things I could do before were getting harder or became impossible.

The first thing my therapists did was to order a new splint and AFO for me. I should have them in a couple days thank goodness! Without the splint my right hand will ball up into a fist and refuse to move at all. Using the splint overnight, I have some days where I have almost normal use of my right hand. Which is super handy considering I am right handed, lol.

So, now I have my twice a week torture sessions again, and in the middle of all that it was time for my annual vacation. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned it somewhere, but just in case, my hometown is Sturgis, SD. Home of the world’s Largest Motorcycle Rally. All of my family still lives there (including my in-laws) so every year we head that way for Rally and to visit everyone. I hate that I only see my grandkids once a year, but being so far away there is not much I can do about that. 😦

In a bit of a coincidence, my OT was going to Rally as well this year which worked out perfectly for me! See my husband’s birthday is rally week and I always let him pick a band (tons of concerts to be found that week!) and I make all the arrangements including tickets and a designated driver for us as his birthday present. My OT was our DD this year to Five Finger Death Punch! He even managed to get us front row with my wheelchair!  It was an amazing show! Since my eyesight and mobility is so rough I appreciated being so close to the stage, and everyone around us (most of them complete strangers) made sure to keep an eye on me so I wasn’t jostled to much.  One gentleman directly behind us parked his bike sideways behind my wheelchair, sent his buddy after a tarp and attached one end to his bike and the other end over my head to the fence when rain threatened! I never did learn his name, but he was a great help with the others in the crowd that maybe didn’t see me.

After we got back from vacation I began the process of some much needed dental work. I had one tooth pulled right before we left because of an abscess, but need more work. It has been determined that I need dentures. Nearly 30 years of being a heavy smoker has really done a number on both my teeth and my jawbone. I have 6 teeth on the bottom that we are going to TRY to save, even if I only get a few more years out of them, it’s better than nothing. So a few days ago I had 5 molars pulled to begin the process. I will end up with a complete upper plate and partial lower plate.

My husband is a saint, and has been trying very hard to take care of me since the teeth came out. turns out I am still a terrible patient. Some things we are just used to me not being able to do, some things we are used to me doing with help. I have been so tired, swollen, and sore in the face that I can barely open my mouth let alone do anything else. He has been trying very hard to make sure there is things I can eat readily available, and that I am getting enough. He is always asking if I need anything, or can he do anything to help? Needless to say, I always have fresh ice water, and an ice pack handy at all times. I still suck at asking for help, even after all these years of being disabled, but I do appreciate everything he does! I can’t say I am looking forward to having more teeth pulled, but  I guess I am looking forward to having it finished lol.

Just as a side note…vomiting a few hours after having teeth pulled is NOT recommended. That shit HURT!

Hope all is well n your world!