The year in review

Let me recap this year…

January and February went well. Then all hell broke loose!

March….Surgery to remove my thyroid and 2 lumps we thought were benign.

April…Thyroid Cancer diagnosis, 2 spots on thyroid and in lymph nodes.

May…My husband has a heart attack.

June…My dad has a series of strokes and pneumonia and passes away. Instead of being at an Iron Maiden concert, I am at my Dad’s funeral.

2012-06-20 19.36.52-1

July…My oldest son (he was 27) passes away in a car accident. He left behind two beautiful little ones!

Here we are in August, and instead of being at the Ozzy Osbourne concert with my son, I am sitting here at home trying to get past the grief.

The only silver lining I have found is that so far, it looks like my cancer treatment has worked. My 3 month checkup went well, and I have a full body scan at the end of November for a 6 month check and we expect it to go well. Also my hubby’s heart attack was pretty mild, and he was able to travel with me for both funerals.

I sure hope this year is finished with me, because I really can’t take much more without breaking. My feelers are stretched to the limit right now. I think Karma owes me one or two right now.

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